How to Watermark Multiple Photos at Once

If you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of photos that you have taken with your camera or smartphone and that you would like to publish or share with others, it is advisable to add a watermark before doing so. Thanks to the watarmark you can "sign" your photos and add a layer of protection to prevent others from stealing your work.
Adding watermarks to photos is not difficult but if you want to get a professional result you need to use a professional software. 123 Watermark is a Windows app specially designed to add watermark to multiple photos at once. Read on to find out how it works and what its potential is

Step 1. Download and install 123 Watermark on your Windows PC

CLICK HERE to download 123 Watermark on your PC.  You will download an exe file to your computer. After the download, double click on the .exe file to start the program installation wizard. Follow all the steps until the installation is finished.
After that, the main interface of the program will open, as shown in the following figure.

watermark photos

Step 2. Add photos to watermark

Drag and drop your photos into 123 Watermark to start the job. You can also click on "+ Image" button under the "Add Images to Watermark" tab to import all photos to watermark.
All photos will appear on the left side of the program and you will be able to see preview of each of them.
If you have all your photos saved in a folder, just click on "Folder" button to select the folder and import all photos contained in it.

add watermark photos

Step 3. Add watermark to photos (watermark options)

Once you have imported all the photos to be watermarked you can proceed with creating the watermark.
If you don't have much time, you can simply click on a ready-to-use watermark template from the section at the bottom of the program. After choosing the watermark template to apply you can change it from the "Watermark Options" tab.
In our case we selected the "Logo Image" template and then we applied the emboss effect. Obviously you will need to import your own logo from the "image" section of the options.

mutiple photos watermark

Alternatively you can create a watermark from scratch. Also from the "Watermark image" tab  you can choose to create a text watermark or image watermark (logo). You can also create a layered watermark for a highly professional result. Just click on "New layer" and you can proceed with the creation of multi-layered watermarks (just like you do in Photoshop or other professional photo editing programs)

multi-layered watermark

In the example you can see pictured above we have chosen to create a very simple text watermark and added a symbol (just click on the "Symbols" button to choose the one you prefer). Of course, you can change the position, size, color, angle and set a transparency so it doesn't completely cover your photo.

If you want to "replicate" a watermark on the whole photo, just click on the "Tile Vertically" or "Tile Horizzontally" checkbox. You can also add cross-shaped watermarks from the "Cross" section

watermark options

There is also a "border" section to add a simple border or frame to the photo. 

Or from the QR Code section you can create a watermark in QR code style  in order to allow users to access further information by scanning that code.

As you can see, the possible watermark combinations are endless. You will be able to create the watermark of your choice in a few minutes and it will be automatically added to multiple photos you have uploaded to the program.

Step 3. Save Watermarked Photos

After you have watermarked all your photos, it's a good idea to preview them before saving them.
If everything is OK go to the "Save watermarked image" tab, select the "Enabled" checkbox and then set a destination folder where all the photos with watermark will be saved.

watermark options

Please note that he original photos will NOT be overwritten or modified.

Finally, press the "Watermark Images" button at the bottom right of the program and a window will open with the details of the processed images.

export watermarked photos

Done! What are you waiting for? Download 123 Watermark free version now and add watermark to multiple photos at once