Getting Started with 123 Watermark Software
Save Watermark Images Profiles

This is where you save and / or upload your watermarks!

The profiles section allows you to create or remove profiles which determine where you save or upload your watemarks. You can add, remove or copy profiles in the top section. You can also rename profiles by double clicking on the name and also enable or disable profiles by selecting the checkbox next to the profile name:

Save to Files

This section allows you to save your watermaked images to disk.


Select a destination folder to save your processed watermarked images to. You can either specify to skip over any existing files with the same name or overwrite them. If you want to preserve the same folder structure i.e. if you added a folder with sub-folders to the files list, then the sub-folders would be created under the destination.

Rename Files

You can rename files with a sequential counter, by specifying a file prefix and counter. To use a counter you must specify a start value and a value by which to increment the counter with. If you want to preserve the counter accross sessions, then you must check the Preserve current counter value checkbox. You must also save the session after processing to save the counter to the session file.


This section enables you to upload your processed images to the cloud e.g. your Dropbox account. You can also enable or disable upload destinations. In order to upload you must setup the destination by clicking the Setup... link:

Image Format

This section allows you to convert the images after they have been watermarked:


Select from one of the support image formats to convert to and output quality.


Choose a custom image resolution or preserve the existing image resolution setting.


Preserve image metadata

This option will copy any EXIF image data from the source image to the target watermark image. This is useful to preserve copyright information for example.

Save image as Greyscale

This option will convert the image to greyscale before saving.

Resize Images

This section allows you to resize images before saving:


Specify a custom image size. If you want to preserve the aspect ratio of the image, then tick the 'Preserve aspect ratio' box.


Choose to either resize the image before it is watermarked or after it has been watermarked.

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